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Building Permits and Inspections

The Building Permit and Inspections Department is responsible for the issuance of permits for construction, vendors, solicitors, signs and garage sales. The Building Services Division also performs building inspections prior to occupancy of structures, during construction and remodeling, and determines whether structures are safe or  should be demolished per the Dangerous Structures Ordinance.

All building codes and inspection requirements are in place to protect the citizens and visitors in the City of Waller.  Permits are required for new construction, remodeling, additions, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. For the safety of our citizens, professional, well-trained Inspectors insure building standards are met.

Once a permit is pulled, on-site inspections are done to insure work is performed according to the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC), the 2012 International Building Code (IBC), and the 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) which the city has adopted.  For more information contact Permits at 936-372-3880, ext. 116.

    •    Permits are required in Waller to build and/or remodel anything
    •    Work done without a permit can be charged double
    •    Please check with City Hall before works begins to see if a permit is required
    •    Codes are strictly enforced
    •    You can report construction to City Hall if no permit is on-site
    •    All contractors must be registered with the city – there is no registration fee
    •    Licenses for crafts are checked through the agencies of the state
    •    Any change of occupancy must be reported to the City of Waller
    •    Mobile home ordinances are in place in Waller
    •    The city contracts with Harris County for all health inspections

Additional requirements

Off-the-street parking must be provided and pre-approved by the Superintendent of Public Works before any permits are issued.
One residence per lot (57'x114')

Building lines and lot sizes

Corner Lots:

Fifteen foot (15') side setback
Twenty Five foot (25') from front
Ten foot (10') from rear

Other Lots:

Five foot (5') setback on side
Twenty Five foot (25') from front
Ten foot (10') from rear

    •    All set backs are from the property line.
    •    The narrow side of a lot is considered to be the front.
    •    Mobile homes or frame homes with raised floors must be skirted within 60 days
         of connection of permanent utility service.
    •    If a mobile or manufactured home, it must have serial number.

For additional information please see:
Ord 413 Set Back Ordinance
Ord 424 Minimum Lot Size 
Ord 486 Building Codes
Ord 510 Adopt 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
Ord 559 Amending Setbacks

Click Here to access complete information on the City of Waller Permits and Inspections.

Code Enforcement

The City of Waller has adopted the 2003 International Maintenance Code and follows the State of Texas Statutes for all Code Enforcement.  You can report violations on-line or at City Hall. 

Violations include but are not limited to:

    •    Rubbish and garbage               
    •    Unsafe structures
    •    Grass above 12”
    •    Infestation of insects or rodents
    •    Junk vehicles
    •    Defacement of property
    •    Premise identification

Click Here to access complete information on City of Waller Code Enforcement. 
Code of City Ordinances
Flood Zone Assessment

The City of Waller provides a free go/no go flood zone assessment, informing you whether your property is in a flood zone or not.
Peddler’s-Solicitor’s  Permit Application
Building Requirements
Certificate of Occupancy Application
Contractor Registration
Commercial Permit Application
Commercial Site & Storm Permit Application 
Electrical Permit Application
HVAC Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Residential Permit Application
Plat Application