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Waller Police Department

Police Department Survey

For Emergencies, Dial 911

Police Station Phone Numbers:

Non-Emergency Dispatch: (979) 826-8033

The Waller Police Department is committed to the protection of life and property within its jurisdiction. This is accomplished by each member of the Police Department and each citizen working together in the prevention of crime and disorder, and by enforcement of the laws, thus achieving community policing. The Police Department is committed in treating everyone equally and without bias while enforcing State and Federal statutes and City ordinances.

The Waller Police Department is committed to promoting an atmosphere of safety within the City of Waller. This is accomplished by providing high visibility patrols, pro-active law enforcement, a sincere response to each citizen’s request, establishing clear communications from the citizens to the Police Department, acting upon the citizen’s need to be of service, and maintaining a daily working relationship to minimize crime in our community.

Police Department’s Organizational Values

We recognize that the people in our organization are our most important resources. We provide an environment that encourages communication, creativity, opportunities for personal and professional development, quality training, and education, and a sense of ownership for the people in our organization.

How to report an emergency - DIAL 911

The following are tips on how to report a crime to the police department:

How to report an emergency when you can’t speak

If you need help and cannot speak:

How to report non-emergency situations

Make non-emergency reports at the Police Department Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for holidays, or call the Police Department's non-emergency line at 936-372-2525.